Back to London!

Our family arrived in London the next morning, just as tired and worn out as we were the day we had arrived overseas. Despite this, they were all very much excited to do some sightseeing and even managed to make it to a historical pub crawl later! It’s crazy what a little bit of excitement…

South Shields, England – Why Go there? Why Go Again?

Those who followed our journey to Europe the first time around may find the first destination of our trip familiar. If not, I can almost guarantee you have never heard of South Shields. The small blue-collar town, which grew exponentially due to coal-mining and shipbuilding during Victorian times, lies in the north east of England…

Hobbs’s Farm Weekend

One weekend each year we head up north to Alliance, Ohio to my former college roommate’s parents’ farm to hang out and relax for a few days. It is a really good way for all of our University of Dayton friends to stay in touch and hang out with Hobbs’s local friends who have become…

Chicago for Warped Tour

My weekend experience in Chicago for Warped Tour, the largest traveling and longest-running music festival in the United States.

Back Home – My Final Thoughts

It has now been a whole week since we got back from our adventure and we are starting to settle back into the lives we left. I felt the need to make a final post looking back at our European travels before we start whatever new adventure our lives have in store for us. Throughout…

Follow Me to Montenegro!

Yugoslavia’s Civil War
Bay of Kotor
Castle of San Giovanni
St. John’s Castle
BBQ Tanjga
The Holy Triumvirate of Meat