Thank you!

Saturday marked the last time for many of you to see Lauren and me before our trip as we threw a raging going-away party Saturday night that was hosted by my beautiful cousin Maria. It was a night filled with excess as there was enough food to feed a village, an astronomical assortment of alcohol was consumed, and an abundance of fun was had, along with bad football galore by our beloved Buckeyes. I hope that the amount of fun each of you had was enough to counter-act the heartbreak felt from the loss. If not, I hope the alcohol helped at least.

Many of you were there to witness Lauren’s heartfelt (i.e. blubbering) attempt at thanking those who attended the party but I wanted to echo her gratitude in a more sober state of mind: we are both incredibly grateful for all of you being in our lives and for seeing us off as we head off onto this journey. We will miss all of you immensely while we are gone and we cannot wait to come home to see all of your lovely faces again.

I wanted to also make some special shootouts to those who made the whole party possible. Firstly, Maria for being an amazing host as always. My uncle Joe and Maria’s boyfriend Tony for feeding us (with a little help from my other cousin Alex). My dad Tom for funding a large portion of the event which was helped by my grandma who overpaid on her electric bill and was given a substantial gift card for the difference (thanks nonna!). Thank you as well to anybody I may have forgotten who helped out. Anti-thanks go to JT Barrett (only kidding).

As far as the trip goes, Wednesday is the special day! We are flying from Columbus to Chicago to Madrid before finally arriving in Venice on Thursday*. I plan on my next post being sometime after our uneventful (fingers crossed) flights over there. Be forewarned, I will most certainly be a sleep-deprived mess when I get there so be prepared for some drunk-sounding random nonsense. Thank you again to everybody who showed up on Saturday and thank you all for reading! Much love.


*I don’t want to bog anybody down by flight details so if any of you want to follow along, please let Lauren and I know and we can send you all the details.

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